Volkswagen to introduce new diesel-electric vehicles, which will cost more


Volkswagen will introduce new plug-in diesel-electrics and electric-electric hybrids at its US factory, the carmaker’s head of North American product development said on Monday.

“This year, we have a huge opportunity to change the way we do business,” said Frank-Stefan Reutling, who is also the head of product development for the Volkswagen Group North America.

“There are more electric vehicles on the market, so we have to think about what the market will look like,” Reutring said at the Global Automakers Conference in Orlando.

He said the company was also considering a hybrid version of its Polo, a compact SUV.

Reutling said the VW brand would focus on the range-topping, battery-powered Golf, which has been on sale since 2016.

The company also has a new diesel model in the works, which is expected to be unveiled next year.

It would be the latest change in the carmakers strategy in recent years, as VW and Audi have made significant investments in electric cars.VW is also planning to launch a new SUV called the Polo RS, which was first announced in 2017.

“We want to be at the forefront of electric mobility,” Reute said.

“We have always been ahead of the game and I believe that in the future we will become the global leader in electric mobility.”

Volkswagen will launch the Golf in 2018.

In a bid to attract more people to the company’s electrified cars, VW will introduce a new premium model for 2018 called the VW Passat, which it will sell in the US.

It will come with an optional electric charging system, Reutler said.VW has a history of making electric vehicles and has also produced an electric sports car, the VW Golf GTI, but it has not yet offered a plug-ins-only car.