Why is Instagram doing all this?


A little over a year ago, the social media company announced Instagram was adding its own brand to its brand portfolio, Instagram Brand.

The new brand was announced alongside an Instagram app and a new Instagram News Feed, and a number of products and services that have been rolled out over the past year or so.

But, it seems Instagram is now going all-in on brand advertising with its own new product.

The new Instagram product, called Instagram Ads, is a subscription-based advertising service.

The company says it’ll launch Instagram Ads on May 30, and it will offer a total of 3,500 ad slots per month, which includes ad placement in videos and on Instagram, in addition to a curated feed of content.

It will also offer Instagram Ads through the Instagram mobile app, with the company also offering an Instagram Stories app for mobile users.

The service is available on desktop, Android and iOS.

According to the company, the Instagram Ads service is free to sign up for.

The service is not free to use, however.

You’ll need to purchase a “subscription” or “add-on” license to get access to Instagram Ads.

In other words, you’ll have to spend money on ads in order to get Instagram Ads and Instagram Ads will cost you $3.99 per month.

Ads on Instagram will also include an Instagram ad slider, a new mobile app with the new Instagram app, and the ability to embed ads in your content.

This feature, the company says, will allow users to easily opt-in to the ads, and will let users see ads they like and then opt-out.

There are also two types of ads on Instagram Ads: Paid, and “free” ads.

Paid ads are free to view and will be available to people who have Instagram Accounts, while free ads are available to everyone and are not part of the paid service.

Advertisements on Instagram have to be approved by Instagram’s advertising team before they can be seen.

The Instagram Ads subscription pricing is $19.99 for the mobile app and $19,99 for Instagram Stories.

You can opt out of the ad slider for free if you don’t like ads on the app.

You also get the ability the “Ads by” feature, which lets you see a curated set of Instagram ads with hashtags like #Ads, #Advertising, and more.

The $19 monthly subscription price is still valid, but it will be replaced with the full Instagram Ads cost.

The product also offers a curated Instagram News feed that you can subscribe to, as well as a curated list of influencers and brands, with a curated video section and a curated photo gallery.

The news feed has a curated section for “Top Stories from the Week,” a curated gallery for “Photos from the week,” and “Featured Posts.”

It has also an “Explore” section, which has curated videos that you’ll be able to see on Instagram Stories and Instagram News.

The company says the Instagram ads will launch in the U.S. on June 30.

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