Online advertising to be cut off after a major security breach


The Australian Government has announced that online advertising will be cut offline in the wake of a major cyber-attack, but warns users that they can still view ads online via a range of other services.

Key points:Online ads will be banned from certain sites and applications until further noticeIn a statement, the Australian Government said that the breach was the largest in its history and the Government has been working to ensure that users are protected onlineAs a result, users will be asked to check their internet settings and update their browser settings in a “few hours”.

“There is no doubt that this breach has impacted users’ online safety and privacy,” the statement from the Department of Communications and the Department for Communications and Consumer Affairs said.

“The Government is working to identify ways to make online services and applications more secure, and the Australian Federal Police is also assisting the Government in investigating this breach.”

While it is difficult to quantify the impact of the incident, we believe that it is a significant breach and that the Government is taking the appropriate measures to protect its users.

“What you need to know about the cybersecurity breach at News CorpAustraliaThe security breach, which involved a cyber-espionage group known as the Covert Operations Unit, compromised more than 600,000 emails and documents and affected more than 20,000 customers.

Key facts:A total of $1.5 million of information was stolenThe Department of Information Security said the attack occurred in late SeptemberThe cyber-security breach has resulted in a number of breaches and compromised the personal data of tens of thousands of Australian businesses, according to Australian Financial Review (AFR).

The Government has since announced that the Australian Information Security Centre (AISC) is to shut down.

But the statement did not provide any further details on how the breach affected the Australian financial services industry, and a spokesman for the Australian Financial Services Union (AFSU) said it did not know how many affected customers were affected.

The Department for Information Security has previously said the hack was the biggest in its operation history.

It said it has already implemented new measures to improve the security of its systems, but it was unable to provide any additional details about what those measures included.

The hack came after the Australian Cyber Security Centre, a group of experts working on cybersecurity, announced it had uncovered a new group of sophisticated hackers who targeted the US and UK financial markets in recent months.

It is not known whether the cyber-attacks affected customers or organisations in Australia.

News Corp, which owns the majority of online advertising, has said it is working with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and other organisations to establish a framework for how it will manage the breach.