The biggest stories of 2017: Australia’s ‘no-brainer’ NBN ‘no go’ to deliver broadband


More than 90 per cent of Australians will see their broadband services cut off by the government’s “no-go” NBN if it comes to pass, according to a new poll.

Key points: 80 per cent say they will lose their broadband service by 2020, according a new Newspoll published today Newspoll found that the Coalition’s NBN plan will cut Australians off from the NBN by 2020The Coalition’s plan will remove Australians from their “no go” NBN by the end of 2020The NBN Coalition has released the latest “no” campaign ad, which is expected to hit homes in Melbourne in the coming days.

The ABC’s Australia Tonight program, which ran a segment last night about the NBN, was among the first to run an ad on the NBN issue ahead of the ABC election.

The ad shows an NBN user in Melbourne being told that their internet connection will be cut off in 2020 if they are “not doing enough to get NBN broadband”.

“No more!” they say.

It is the latest evidence that the Turnbull Government is putting the Coalition on the back foot in its fight against the NBN and is attempting to use public opinion to make the argument that the project is a “no brainer”.

But the ad has come at a cost for the Coalition, with many voters saying they are not convinced the NBN is a good idea, and many others saying they will not be able to afford the cost.

The Coalition has previously said the NBN would “reduce our electricity bills”, but this week a new Government report from the Federal Government showed the cost of the project would be less than a quarter of what it cost to build.

“Our own independent costings indicate that a 30-year fixed network investment is cost-competitive with any other fixed network,” the Government said in the report.

“We estimate that the cost to maintain and maintain a 30 year fixed network is approximately $7.8 billion.”

The Government’s NBN analysis has also said the Government would not be required to provide any guarantees that all of its contracts with major telecommunications companies would be honoured.

But in an interview on ABC TV’s 7:30 program, NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow said the Coalition was using public opinion against the project.

“What I think that the Labor Party and the Greens have been doing is using the NBN campaign to make it seem like it is a no brainer,” he said.

But the Labor Government is not backing down, and has now released a campaign ad showing its supporters saying “we can’t wait” to see the NBN come to fruition.””

They have been using the argument of it being a no-brainer.”

But the Labor Government is not backing down, and has now released a campaign ad showing its supporters saying “we can’t wait” to see the NBN come to fruition.

“The Coalition is now using this election to highlight that our Government will never back down on the national broadband program,” NBN Co spokesman Greg Hunter said.

He said the “no no” campaign was the “most effective political attack” he had seen on the Government’s plans.

“I’ve never seen an advertisement that was so negative,” Mr Hunter said of the Coalition ad.

“It really does go to the heart of the matter about whether this government can deliver on its promise of national broadband and is committed to delivering that.”

The Opposition Labor Party has released its own ad, but the Coalition is still holding out.

“This is not a political ad,” Labor spokesman Mark Butler said.

“It is simply an attack on the Coalition and its NBN plan.”

“The coalition is using public perception against the Coalition.

Labor is using this campaign to show that its NBN plans are a no go.”

The NBN campaign has been criticised by the Labor opposition, with the Opposition leader Mark Butler saying the Coalition has been “stealing” from the Australian people.

“Labor has a very real, very serious problem,” he told 7:00.

“The NBN is an essential component of the national economy and the Coalition doesn’t want the NBN to be built.”

“This campaign is a massive attempt to divide the Coalition party.”


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