What you need to know about ESPN’s new mobile ad initiative


ESPN is announcing the launch of a mobile ad program aimed at reaching consumers who don’t have access to traditional TV or radio.

The new ad campaign will be available in the U.S. on ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPN Mobile, ESPNgo, ESPN App, and ESPN App for a limited time.

“Mobile is changing how people interact with media and is a key driver of digital advertising,” ESPN said in a press release.

“We’re excited to expand our reach and give our fans a more personalized experience with the right program and app.”

The mobile ad campaign is the latest move in ESPN’s effort to get advertisers to pay more for TV content, with advertisers looking to capitalize on the rapidly growing popularity of sports and other sports-related content.

ESPN and other cable and satellite companies have been trying to make that more clear, with ads that target people who are not necessarily interested in watching sports or sporting events. 

ESPN’s announcement also mentions that there will be new ad placements on ESPN mobile platforms this year, with more targeted ads appearing across platforms including ESPN3 and ESPNgo. 

With the new mobile program, ESPN will be able to more effectively target the kinds of people who want to watch ESPN on their mobile device, according to the press release, and it will also allow advertisers to reach more of its target audience.

The announcement is the culmination of ESPN’s efforts to launch mobile advertising in the past year.

ESPN last year began to allow mobile users to access its TV and radio programming via mobile apps, and that initiative is currently available for a small subset of the program’s ad partners.

ESPN said that its new ad program will be targeted to more of the same, with some of the ads being targeted to specific segments of its audience, such as men, women, people with disabilities, and people under 25.