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Businessweek,Advertisingweek,,,article Advertisers are always looking for the next big thing and the new ad agency is on the hunt for the one to deliver it.

It’s not surprising that some companies are looking for ad agencies in the advertising space and are looking to hire them for a quick buck. 

Businessweek is the latest publication to feature an ad agency in its editorial section, following a major ad agency takeover bid from WPP. 

The article notes that WPP’s ad agency, Adbusters, is looking to bring the agency to Ireland. 

“We are working with the new Irish agency, WPP Ireland, to explore the possibility of an acquisition,” WPP said in a statement. 

 “In the UK, the agency was acquired by the firm, WME Ireland, in 2014 for £3.5bn and has recently returned to the UK market.

In the US, the firm is still negotiating with the US company, Wieden+Kennedy. 

There are currently around 70 ad agencies operating in Ireland.”

In a world where digital ad sales have grown to an unprecedented $3.6bn in 2016, this represents a huge opportunity for new and existing agencies.

“Advertising agencies in Ireland are already well established in the sector, with an established track record in the UK and US, but in 2017 we believe the opportunity to partner with the firm will give us the opportunity for growth in Ireland.”

The article also mentions that the firm has hired an ad tech company to help run its Irish-language service, which will allow Adbusters to tap into the growing Irish online advertising market. 

Adbusters has been looking to expand its operations in Ireland for a number of years and is already looking at other markets. 

In March, the company announced a €2m round of funding led by Digital Ad Tech. 

It has been keen to expand in Ireland, having previously acquired a number outposts in the country. 

According to Adbusters’ website, it has a team of about 40 ad tech specialists and offers clients a variety of marketing, creative and digital strategies. 

However, the article also highlights that Adbusters was recently forced to scale back its Irish operation after the acquisition of WPP in 2014. 

While the article does not provide an indication of the size of the transaction, Advertisements says that the company is now looking to focus on its US-based ad services, and the company has started to hire ad tech to help with that. 

One thing to keep in mind is that this ad agency’s future is uncertain at this point. 

Wieden + Kennedy acquired the business in March, so this is the first time that Wiedens Irish subsidiary has officially been linked to an Irish company. 

Irish-based advertising agency, CAA is one of the best-known agencies in terms of its ability to deliver a quality product and good customer service.

The agency has recently made a number acquisitions to expand into the US market, including Adbusters. 

If you’re interested in working with an ad company, here are a few of our favourite agencies. 

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