How to use the Lowes AdWords Cost Calculator


The ad industry has long known that low price-per-click ads can help it get more clicks, and it is also known that people are willing to pay higher prices for the ability to get targeted traffic.

However, that price-to-click ratio is more important to marketers than ever.

To help get the most bang for their buck, marketers have started to focus on the ratio between the cost per click and the amount of money they can make.

The new Lowes Cost Calculator allows advertisers to see the cost to advertise their ads and compare that to the amount they can get paid for the advertising.

The calculator also displays the price of each ad, as well as the cost of each paid search.

The result is a useful way for marketers to determine if they should be investing in an ad budget, and if so, how much.

In the chart below, you can see how much a user spends on each click.

The lower the number, the lower the price per click.

That means that a lower price per search is worth more.

The price per ad is shown in yellow, and the cost is shown on the right.

Here are some other interesting stats for the calculator.

The first column shows the amount an advertiser pays for each ad that is shown.

The second shows the cost in dollars per click for the same ad.

The third shows the price for each search.

The fourth column shows how much each paid click has cost advertisers, and how much money they have made off each click on average.

The fifth column shows total ad revenue.

The last column shows average cost per ad, divided by the number of ads shown.

For the last column, the number is 1, so the average cost is 1.25 dollars per ad.

The calculator also shows the average amount of revenue an advertiscer is making per click on each search, divided between all clicks.

The lowest is 2.1 dollars per search.

For advertisers that do not use ads to reach their target audiences, the calculator shows them the total cost of advertising a given search, with the difference being the cost they have paid for their ad, and their total revenue from the ads they have shown.

This gives them a way to see how to best spend their ad budget.

Below is a list of the various price-based ads, and some of the results they give:In addition, this calculator shows the percentage of advertisers that paid for every click, and shows the total amount they made from each click, with their average cost.

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