How to write 2020 ads in Israel


Advertisement Advertisement The Israel Advertiser’s Association is in the process of revamping its 2020 ads.

As of this week, the association’s ads will be based on a simplified version of the ad format that it used to produce advertising campaigns in the United States, where it has offices in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and Washington.

Israel’s biggest companies are not in the country anymore.

And they are not required to follow the same ad format as those in the U.S., since Israel does not operate a single advertising platform, and the industry has its own market research company.

The change was spurred by the Trump administration’s decision to remove funding from the US-Israel Strategic Partnership, a $1.6 billion program that was supposed to provide Israel with the means to produce better and more accurate advertising.

The State Department said the funding was not being retained, a statement that prompted the Israeli Association to begin working on a brand new advertising format for 2020.

“We wanted to make sure that Israel’s advertising would be as accurate as possible,” said Avi Weissman, executive director of the association, which is based in Jerusalem.

“This is a new format that we think will be very successful in Israel.”

Weissman says the 2020 format will include “more clear, bold, accurate language,” and it will be “more accurate and relevant to Israeli consumers.”

He also hopes that the new format will have the effect of boosting the number of ads in the market, which had been falling due to the Trump decision.

Israel is also developing its own digital advertising system, which he says is “an open platform for the advertising industry and for the advertisers.”

“We will have a more powerful platform in 2020,” Weissman said.

The association hopes that 2020 ads will “be a big boost” for Israel’s digital advertising business, since they will be more relevant to the country’s consumer base.

“It will be the best advertising that Israel can have in 2020, if it wants to compete in the future,” he said.

“Israel is looking for ways to diversify and to compete, so we need to create better advertising in 2020.”

But he said the 2020 ads should not overshadow the positive news that Israel is seeing on the ground.

Weissman hopes that by the end of the year, 2020 ads can begin appearing in newspapers and magazines.”

There are very few countries that can produce ads that are so good and have such a strong presence in the media,” he added.

Weissman hopes that by the end of the year, 2020 ads can begin appearing in newspapers and magazines.