How to start a blog without a blog post


When I was starting out with my business, I was struggling to figure out how to get the word out.

I had been posting to a few blogs and was getting tons of emails.

I was also using a lot of free marketing content and I was trying to figure it out.

So I thought, Why not start a free blog?

I wanted to make sure I was doing something that people would like.

But the problem was that I was not writing a blog about my business.

I thought that people could probably find it on the Internet and share it on Facebook or Twitter or whatever, but I didn’t want to be doing that.

I also wanted to write about something that I cared about, so that was where I came up with the idea for a free business article.

I wrote a free newsletter for people to sign up for, and I gave it to a couple friends to read and then decide whether or not to join.

The first couple of weeks were the most difficult for me.

I felt like I was drowning in a sea of emails, and they were all about how to make money with your business.

After that, I just went back to my email inbox, checked the inbox every day, and then started a new email every day.

My inbox grew so big that I had to put up a wall to keep track of it all.

After a while, I decided to just leave it alone.

The next few months were when I started to get more traction with people and I had a lot more traffic.

I started getting really good traffic, and people started coming to me for interviews.

But I also started getting a lot less traffic, which made me think, Why am I doing this?

The thing that made me stop was that most of the traffic that I got came from the U.S. and Canada.

And they all came from a very specific niche, which is one of the reasons I didn

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