Microsoft and Oracle to Offer Ad-Free Ad-Supported Microsoft Ads on Oracle website


Oracle has announced that it is rolling out ad-free support for its Java and Oracle products.

The company said that it will now support both Java and JavaFX on the Oracle website and its Java Suite, allowing it to offer free ad-supported support for both the Java and the JavaFX languages.

The announcement was made in a press release posted on Oracle’s site, but the announcement was accompanied by a picture of a Microsoft Office 365 user’s desktop computer.

Oracle has previously said that Microsoft will provide ad-revenue sharing for Oracle’s Java and SunJava technologies, which were developed by Oracle’s former parent company Sun Microsystems.

Microsoft is the only major software publisher that will offer ad-support for Java and its competitors.

Microsoft has already started rolling out its own Java and Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft and Oracle have long been at odds over Java, which is used by Oracle, Google, and other companies to run applications that are not compatible with Oracle’s proprietary Java platform.

The two companies have been embroiled in a protracted battle over the future of Java, and in November Oracle filed suit against Microsoft, accusing the company of illegally restricting its products.

Oracle, which has a majority stake in Microsoft, has also sued Google and Google Play to try to get Google to release Java to consumers.

Oracle is also fighting Microsoft for copyright infringement over its Java technologies.

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