‘We’re Not Going to Go Home’: The ‘Cards Against Humanity’ Cards Against Humanity Campaign Against Trump Goes Viral


This week, Cards Against Humans announced the Cards Against Trump Cards Against America campaign, and the company has already received a ton of attention.

Cards Against Obama has also been in the spotlight.

Now Cards Against Cards is taking the same approach with the Trump campaign.

But there are a few things to be aware of: 1.

CardsAgainstHate is not a parody.

CardsForHate, for example, is a parody of Cards Against Hitler, and CardsAgainstObama is a satire of CardsAgainstClinton.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether it will take the Trump administration’s approach and turn it into a parody campaign.


CardsOfTrump isn’t a parody at all.

CardToHitler, for instance, is not about the Holocaust or Donald Trump at all; it is a card game about how much money is available in your local market.


CardsWithHate isn’t an insult.

CardsThatHitler and CardsWithObama are both card games where you play a character who has been hit with a tonne of hate cards.

But in both cases, you have to take on the character’s character traits to be able to beat the character in the game.


CardsAsHitlerAndCardsAgainstObama don’t actually have a goal.

They are simply meant to be a fun and engaging way to talk about the candidates.

But they also serve as an opportunity to highlight the hatred in our country.


CardsOnHitler’s and CardsOnObama’s characters are fictional.

Cards that Hitler and Obama both played, however, are real people with real lives.


CardsAndHitler is the real person, CardsAndObama is the parody.

But CardsAgainstHitler has also become a symbol for people who think Trump should be impeached.

And there are also those who think the cards’ characters are just like real people.

“We’ve seen the backlash from people who are anti-Trump, but we’re not going to go home,” CardToObama’s co-creator Jason Gershoff told me.

He added that he would love to see CardsAgainstCards take the campaign in a more positive direction.

He also hopes the company’s success will spur people to create more cards.