Coca Cola ads in Spanish and Spanish subtitles for ads in Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Paraguas, Costa Rica, Colombia…


A Coca Colas ad in Spanish in Brazil is currently in the process of being translated to Spanish.

It appears to be a promotional piece featuring the company’s CEO.

It is not clear whether the Spanish-language ad will be shown in Spanish or whether the ad will appear in a different format, but the Spanish ads will appear on a Spanish-only version of the website.

The ad, which was first spotted by Twitter user @miguel_lópez_de_la_Porte, has already received criticism.

In a tweet to @migscofficial, @miga_de-la_porte said: “It’s a disgrace that Coca Coles Spanish ad in Brazil was translated to the Spanish language, instead of its original Brazilian text.”

In an email to BuzzFeed News, Coca Cols spokesperson told BuzzFeed News: “The Spanish version of this ad is being used by Spanish-speaking brands.

It’s not an advertisement for Coca Colos brand, and does not target Spanish-speakers.

This is why it’s a matter of localizing.”

This Spanish ad, for example, features the logo of Coca Colaf, the company which owns the brand in Brazil.

The ad also features a woman saying, “It means the world to us,” and an ad that reads: “Coca Cola is proud to offer you the world’s most popular soft drink.”

The Spanish-subtitled Spanish ad for the same ad, however, does feature the word “página,” which is a common phrase for a drink.

A Spanish-translated version of a Coca Colà ad has already been shown in Argentina, and the Spanish version is expected to be shown at least in part in Argentina.

In Peru, the Spanish ad will also appear on the country’s only bilingual version of El Perú.

In Brazil, the ad, if it is translated to English, will also be seen in Spanish on the website of Coca-Cola, which owns its local subsidiary, Sintra.

Sintra has a Spanish language-language website and several Spanish-specific Facebook pages.

In addition to the Sintras Spanish- and Spanish-translation of the Coca-Cola ad, the advertising site for Sintranco is also translated into English, and another Spanish-site has also been launched.

The company said the website is in the “early stages” and will be updated periodically.

Coca-Cola is not the only brand to have its Spanish-branded advertising translated to Latin American languages.

The American football team FC Barcelona, which is owned by Sintron, has been translated to many different languages including Spanish, Spanish-Brazilian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.