When it comes to the new Starbucks ad, what does it say?


The new Starbucks commercial, which will run across three different outlets across the country, is aimed at addressing a few major points of contention in the coffee giant’s advertising strategy.

First up is the logo, which is currently in use by other brands and has received praise for its simplicity and visual appeal.

In its first ad, Starbucks debuted a similar logo, featuring a star in the middle of a cross, as seen below:But this logo is not a brand-specific choice, and the company has said it will not be changing it in the future.

Instead, Starbucks will be using a “classic” star-crossed logo that has been used for decades, according to a company blog post.

The star will also be on a white background, while the lower half of the logo will be white with a black border.

This will make it more recognizable and easier to differentiate it from other Starbucks branding.

Another criticism of the old logo has been its placement in the lower right hand corner of the banner.

This is not the most visually appealing of the new logos, and has been suggested to be distracting.

The new logo, however, uses a black-and-white style that will make the logo appear more visually appealing.

Starbucks also addressed a recent backlash in the industry after a report from The Wall Street Journal claimed the company was taking a backseat to rivals like Dunkin’ Donuts and Chipotle in advertising.

The company denied the report, saying the ad was “an error on our part.”

In a statement to Recode, Starbucks acknowledged that some consumers are upset that they’re not getting a better deal than they were previously.

The coffee giant also pointed out that its advertising is still focused on brand and social media, and that it continues to spend more money on brand marketing than any other brand.

In its statement, the company also said that the “Starbucks brand will continue to be our strongest channel, and will be a major source of growth in the near future.”

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