When the next Bill Cosby trial begins, it’s going to be a battle of wills


The trial of former Cosby accuser Andrea Constand will be an intriguing one.

Cosby’s defense team is expected to call a number of witnesses, including his accuser, and will make several key points that could prove decisive in the case.

Here’s what you need to know about what to expect during the trial and when you can watch it. 1.

When will the trial begin? 

The trial of Constand, whose alleged misconduct began with the discovery of an episode of The Cosby Show in which she claimed to have had sex with Cosby in 1997, has been going on since January 2019.

The trial is expected in June 2019.


What are the key arguments that could decide the case?

Cosby’s team will argue that she acted negligently and that she should not be found liable for her alleged actions.

Constand’s lawyers will also argue that the trial should be conducted in the public interest.

Cosby has also been accused of sexually assaulting several women, and he has admitted to drugging and raping Constand in several videos.


What happens when the trial starts? 

After a week-long trial, the trial will last four weeks and be presided over by Judge William H. Walls of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Prosecutors have requested that Walls conduct a jury trial in October 2019, which is expected.

The judge has already agreed to that request, but his decision on whether to start the trial is likely to be based on a number he decides will benefit the defendant, according to CNN affiliate WPVI-TV.


What does it mean for Cosby? 

Cosby’s attorneys have said they expect the trial to be the first in which they will have a chance to present evidence that might shed light on why the comedian sexually assaulted Constand.

They have also pointed to Constands alleged actions as evidence that she is lying about the events that took place.

Constood has already been accused by several women of drugging them.


How does the case compare to the previous cases? 

Like Cosby’s other accusers, Constand has repeatedly said she was not at the party with Cosby when the alleged incident took place, but that she was a friend of the comedian at the time.

Confield is also known for having a relationship with Cosby, and both women have said Constand told them about the alleged assault at a party before it happened.

In May, Confield and another woman accused Cosby of druggling and raping her in 1993.

They also filed a lawsuit against Cosby in December.

The lawsuit was dismissed by a Pennsylvania judge in May 2018, but Cosby’s lawyers have said that Constand is not eligible for a retrial because she is a public figure.


What will happen during the jury trial? 

In the past, jurors have heard from six different witnesses, all of whom were not Cosby’s own.

In the first week of trial, prosecutors will introduce new evidence and testimony from three other women.

That will allow them to present more evidence about Constand and her alleged conduct.

Cosby will also be called to testify from his home in Philadelphia.


Will Cosby be asked to testify? 

Prosecutors will ask Cosby to appear in person to testify about the allegations against him.

Cosby, who was charged with a misdemeanor count of aggravated indecent assault in the December 2016 incident, has also agreed to appear to testify at his own trial.


When can I watch the trial?

The trial is scheduled to start in June and is expected be broadcast live on the PBS network.

Cosby and Constand have been scheduled to appear via video-on-demand (VOD) on April 3 and April 4.

The PBS trial will also stream on its website.


Will I have to wait until after the trial ends to watch it? 

It is unlikely that you will have to watch the entire trial live.

The first day of the trial, Cosby will face his first cross-examination by his defense attorneys.

In a move that may be controversial, Cosby has agreed to the opportunity to speak only during the first day and will not be permitted to testify again until after he is released from prison.

If he is not available for that day, he will be allowed to speak during the second day, which begins on April 12. 


What if I’m a child or elderly person who wants to watch? 

A trial on child molestation charges may be the last thing a child would want to see, but some viewers may have to work with the trial schedule to watch in the best possible light.

The network that owns The Cosby Program will stream the trial live, but viewers can access the trial on YouTube and other online video services as well.

The second day of trial is typically a bit more limited, as it is only for adults and can only be viewed on video-delivery services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.


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