Why did the NFL decide to stop using snapchat?


There was no shortage of NFL players’ reactions to the announcement, with some expressing disbelief and others calling for a boycott.

Here’s a look at some of the reactions:NFL spokesman Greg Aiello released a statement saying that the NFL had been in discussions with Snapchat since late last year.

“While there have been numerous conversations between the NFL and Snapchat, the League’s policy regarding its use of Snap has not changed,” Aiellos statement read.

“Snapchat has been providing the NFL with valuable insights into how players are engaging with fans on a daily basis and, through the use of technology and other innovative tools, is helping to connect fans with the NFL in a way that is consistent with its mission of bringing the best player to the field.

Snapchat continues to provide valuable insights and feedback to the NFL as it seeks to grow its user base and build a stronger brand.”

Aiello said that the league has not made any changes to the use or policies of Snapchat.

“We have been in the process of communicating with Snapchat to learn more about its future and, as always, we will continue to engage and support the NFL’s business in a transparent and forward-looking manner,” Aiollos added.