Al Jazeera: Online video ad network wins $1.2m in Series B funding


Al Jazeera America is a cable news network and its cable channel, Al Jazeera, has gained momentum in recent years, with its English-language cable channel gaining the largest audience of any American network.

The news network has been making major investments in content, most notably in a video ad platform that has recently launched.

Now, Al Jazeera Media Group has announced it has raised $1,000,000 in Series A funding from the Draper Fisher Jurvetson Fund, the venture capital firm of Draper Fisher, the former chairman of Google and Facebook.

The funding will enable the news channel to expand its reach in new markets, said Al Jameel Jaffer, executive vice president and managing director of Al Jazeera Americas.

Jaffer added that the company will also make additional investments in its digital properties.

The news channel, which began in 2006, is now the fourth-most-watched news network in the United States, according to a January 2017 study by the Pew Research Center.

It has been the subject of multiple high-profile controversies including a 2014 episode that aired that featured the airing of an expletive-laced interview with a U.S. Navy Seal.

The interview, entitled “The Price of Loyalty,” featured a video of an American soldier who said he had received a letter from the U.N. describing him as a “hero” for rescuing an Iraqi child.

The clip caused a stir in Iraq, as it sparked debate over whether the U-turn was politically motivated.

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