‘Bing’ and ‘Twitter’ ads can target a variety of demographics, including young people, millennials, women, and the elderly


Google’s advertising platforms have recently begun rolling out targeted advertising campaigns for the social network.

The news comes after Bing announced earlier this month that it will start offering targeted advertising on Twitter for its advertising programs.

The company has already introduced ad formats like ads that feature young people and that feature the likes of celebrities, including Ashton Kutcher.

The ads are now being rolled out to a wider variety of users, from users on Twitter to users who do not use Twitter.

The first ads were announced on Thursday.

Google announced that it was launching a targeted advertising program for Bing ads that are being targeted to specific groups of users.

“We are excited to start rolling out these ads and we look forward to seeing how these ads impact the consumer experience,” said Bing vice president of product management Ben Bostrom.

“Our goal is to help consumers feel more engaged and informed on our products and services.”

Binge-watching ads Google has also been rolling out ads for the streaming service BingeOn.

These ads are designed to deliver more relevant content to people who have limited bandwidth.

Google has partnered with Netflix and YouTube to develop a program that will be able to deliver these ads to users.

Binge viewers can use these ads if they have access to a video service that has been updated with Binge on support.

In addition, Google has recently started offering BingeWatch ad formats to users on the search giant’s mobile platform, Chrome.

In this case, the ads are being delivered by Bing, with Bing’s own ad-tracking software.

Google also announced today that it is partnering with social network Instagram to begin testing new ads on the social networking platform.

The Instagram program is a pilot program that is focused on targeting people who use Instagram to make sure that the ads work as expected.

This is in addition to Google’s other recent partnerships with other video streaming platforms like Netflix.

“Today we’re launching an ad program that aims to be one of the most inclusive of all platforms for advertisers,” said Nick Sonders, head of ad technology for Instagram.

“It includes an entire section on how we use the technology to better serve users who don’t subscribe to other video platforms.”

The pilot program will be rolled out across Instagram’s platform from June 1 to June 5.

“This program is part of our commitment to deliver advertisers with the best ad experiences, including on social networks that they want to reach,” said Sondars.

“Instagram is a great platform to help advertisers reach a diverse audience of people, including people who aren’t familiar with video, who are looking for ways to reach them.

It is also a great example of how we are building a platform that is tailored for the needs of our users.”

For more information about Google’s new targeted advertising offerings, see our full coverage of the Google-Bing ad roll out.

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