Which radio station has the best adverts?


Radio stations have long been regarded as key influencers of Australian culture.

But, since the start of the millennium, their advertising revenues have fallen.

Advertisers say they are increasingly reliant on digital media, and are losing millions of dollars a year on radio ads.

Here’s a look at the five radio stations with the most adverts.


AMS, Canberra 1.5 million radio ads ($8.5m) The AMS station in Canberra is arguably Australia’s most prominent radio station.

The AM’s new adverts are often a blend of music, news and local affairs.

But the station’s current campaign is the most memorable in the country.

The station’s ads are accompanied by the music of the Australian pop star Jodie Foster and features her singing the national anthem at the start.


WEDF, Perth 1.1 million radio ad ($7.5M) Perth’s WED is one of the country’s largest radio stations.

The radio station’s adverts have been hugely successful, and the WA government has been keen to tap into this new audience.

In 2016, the WA Government committed $2 million to improve WA’s advertising network, and to improve local radio in the state.


AMQP, Perth 3.5 mb radio ad (1.1 mb digital) AMQp is a small station in Perth’s outer suburbs.

Its radio adverts feature a group of students playing the national ballad “Glorious Glory”.

The school band is accompanied by a choir singing a traditional Australian folk song.

AMP is the countrys biggest and most popular radio station, but it is struggling to find a new audience, with its current adverts losing about $6 million.


ABC Radio WA, Sydney 1.2 million radio advertisement ($4.2m) Australia’s second-biggest radio station is ABC Radio Perth.

Its ads feature some of Australias favourite bands, and feature some Australian musicians.

ABC Perth’s new campaign is notable for being the most ambitious yet, with the music and music videos featuring some of the biggest names in Australian music.

The music video for “Pineapple Express” is a classic.


NTU, Darwin 1.4 million radio advertising ($2.7m) Darwin’s NTU station has a long history of attracting a large audience, and its advertising has been a key component of its radio network.

In 2017, NTU received $2.2million from the NT Government to improve its radio ad campaign.

NT’s current advertising campaign is one the best in Australia.


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