How to get your truck advertising campaign going?


An advertisement for a truck advertising company was shot and posted on Facebook.

The image is of the company’s logo and is part of a series of three adverts.

The first one features a woman driving the vehicle, and the second shows her talking to her son and her husband.

The third advert features an old man sitting at the wheel, but the video shows that the woman is also in the passenger seat.

This is a perfect example of how Facebook advertising can make a huge difference to your marketing campaign.

The ad was shot at the same location that the Facebook logo is on the truck, but is much smaller and is mostly devoid of advertising.

The truck has a slogan on the front, and is painted white.

The ad was uploaded on September 5, and has since gone viral.

The images of the ad have been shared over 20,000 times.

However, the advertisement was shot by an unknown person, which is why it is unclear whether the image was created by the same person.

The man driving the truck in the advertisement is wearing a black t-shirt, which also shows a big logo in the top right corner.

The logo is clearly visible from the front.

However the company has not commented on the image.

This ad is part, along with another that is part ad, that was shot in September last year.

The company that owns the truck is based in Delhi.

This advert, which was posted on September 7, has since been shared nearly 300,000 time.

The company has said that the ad was created on September 3, and was shot after it had gone viral earlier this month.

However there is no record of when the third advertisement was posted.

The Facebook advertising company says that the third ad was filmed at the company office in Delhi on September 9, and it was shot with the same lens as the first ad.

This has also been reported by Business Standard.

The advert also features a picture of a man driving a truck with a large sign.

However this is not the case.

The billboard features a photo of a truck in a park.

The sign is still there, but it has been removed from the billboard.

The second billboard was shot on September 13.

It has been shared more than 2,000,000-3,000 people and has been viewed over 16,000 and 20,001 times respectively.

The advertising company also said that both the images were shot on the same camera, and both of them are taken on the smartphone.

However neither the truck or the billboard have been verified.

The photo of the billboard is clearly shown in the video, while the truck’s image is blurred.

The third advertisement is shot in the middle of the road, showing the woman sitting at a desk.

It shows a large logo in a corner of the frame.

The poster on the screen is the same as the previous advert.

The only difference is that it is shown in a darker colour.

The Facebook advertising website does not have a comment on the picture.