Ads for Hawaii Star advertiser on Facebook and other platforms – News


Advertising for Hawkeye Star, which runs on Facebook, is starting to show up on Facebook pages for other advertisers in the US.

According to the US Department of Commerce’s online advertising platform Adwords, which tracks and tracks ad spending across multiple platforms, Hawkeye’s advertising campaign has been appearing on a handful of popular US sites, including CBS, NBC, and ABC.

Advertisers using Adwords to target ads on Facebook also see ads for Hawkeyes ads, although there is no mention of them in Adwords’ report.

Adwords is also seeing Hawkeye ads appearing on Yahoo, AOL, and AOL Instant Messenger pages, as well as the US government’s official US News page, which is also a Facebook page.

Facebook has been the target of some aggressive Facebook ad targeting, but the company has not responded to multiple requests for comment from Ars.

AAPL, on the other hand, is showing Hawkeyes advertising on its Facebook page, according to the company’s general manager for US News, David Gouliamaki. 

“As an ad platform, Facebook has done a fantastic job of connecting with our audience and engaging with them, including a lot of local and regional ads on the Facebook pages of local businesses and organizations,” Goulia wrote in an email to Ars. 

Adwords doesn’t show Hawkeye advertising on the US Government page, however. 

The US News section on Facebook does, however, show ads for “Hawkeye Star,” and ads for the airline carrier Alaska Airlines appear on the page’s top section, under the “Ads” heading.

Hawkeye is also showing ads on Yahoo and AOL.

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