How to get your favourite brands in the top 10 in Instagram


When it comes to the search engine, the Google ad market is a huge opportunity for brands and advertisers alike.

This year alone, Google paid an estimated $1.5 billion in ad revenue, making it the most profitable ad-supported ad platform in the world.

But what about when it comes for the brand itself?

There are a few ways you can make your brand stand out. 


Use Instagram to promote your business This can be as simple as putting up your brand on Instagram, or more creative, using Instagram’s own branded content and Instagram influencers to boost your brand.

For example, if you are selling a range of products or services, you could use Instagram to showcase your products or products’ images to your followers and promote them in a positive way. 


Create your own brand with Instagram influencer marketing campaigns A great way to get exposure to your brand and show your brand’s social media presence is to create your own Instagram influenced brand.

With Instagram’s influencer promotion capabilities, brands can advertise through their own Instagram channels, using hashtags or hashtags that match the brand. 


Use your Instagram to reach your brand through social media influencers Instagram’s influencers have a large and growing audience of fans, so it can be a great way for brands to reach new and engaged followers.

You can use Instagram’s platform to reach influencers, such as celebrities, brands, athletes, fashion designers, or bloggers. 


Use the Instagram platform to sell products or give away a product As Instagram has grown, so has the opportunity for businesses to sell more of their own branded products.

This can be done through selling your products through Instagram influencial channels or by sharing your brand using hashtagged content and hashtags. 


Get noticed by your brand by selling products through influencer promotions Using influencer campaigns can help you reach new fans, as well as increase your brand recognition.

This could be as easy as a sponsored post on your own personal Instagram account, or it could be a sponsored product from a brand you know. 


Sell products through your own branded channel As with the above, you can use your Instagram channel to sell your own products. 


Use social media to reach people in your niche through Instagram hashtags One of the biggest benefits of Instagram is the variety of ways you and your brand can interact.

This is especially useful if you use hashtags such as #mything, #myapp, #product, or #productbrand.

If you want to reach a wider audience, you will also want to promote products through hashtags, such that your brand is noticed. 


Use influencer posts to reach the brand’s target audience Instirer posts can be used to promote product or service content, as it can increase engagement with followers and increase brand visibility. 


Use hashtags to get social media exposure for your brand As the Instagram ad platform is a massive opportunity for marketers, there is an opportunity for brand owners to use hashtag-based marketing campaigns.

The most popular hashtags for social media marketing are #mybrand, #me, #products, and #brand, which are the top five hashtags on Instagram. 


Use a Facebook-like social media campaign While you can create a Facebook like campaign on Instagram that will use the hashtags of your brand, it may not be as effective for reaching people in the niche.

This would be best done with a Facebook page or Instagram influencencial page. 

Follow the instructions above to get started. 

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