Facebook, Bing, Lexus, Nissan and Nissan are buying ads for ads in cars


By Mark Hosenball/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesThe big names are buying advertising for their cars, but one of the biggest names in car ads is changing up its tactics.

Amazon is buying Lexus ads and Nissan is buying ads in the U.S. for its popular Leaf.

And the makers of Google’s own car advertising platform, Google Now, are buying Lexum and Lexus advertising in the United States for their vehicles.

Amazon’s move comes just a month after Google announced that it would buy advertising from Google Now in the first quarter of 2018.

Lexus and Nissan said they plan to spend $5 billion to $10 billion over the next two years to promote their brands and brands of the future.

Google Now is used in nearly 1 billion cars worldwide and is expected to hit $50 billion in sales by 2025, according to estimates from Kantar Media.

Its current ads campaign, for instance, features an actor from the upcoming “Transformers” film as the vehicle’s owner.

“It is a significant milestone for the industry and an important step forward in advertising strategy for automakers,” Lexus president Mark Crosbysaid in a statement.

Nissan’s statement said it was “extremely excited” about the news and “excited about partnering with Google on a new advertising strategy.”

Amazon and Google are in the process of buying ads from each other and other companies, and they are expected to combine the ads into a combined entity called LexisNissan.

Amazon’s buy is not new.

In December, Amazon purchased ads from the Audi brand for about $3.5 billion.

In December, Google announced it had acquired Lexus’ brand for $7.4 billion.

The company bought ads from Nissan for $2.6 billion in the second quarter of 2017.

“The companies are very excited to partner with Lexis and Lexis Nissan on a future advertising campaign,” Lexis’ CEO Scott Belson said at the time.

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