How to make a fake ‘Bolton’ ad from a fake Bolton advert


By Caroline Mearshead / Business InsiderA British television ad that claimed to be about a Bolton-themed nightclub has been shared by users of Twitter and Facebook.

The fake advert shows a group of young men playing basketball, as Bolton, a Bolts basketball team, plays on the court, in a video that was originally filmed in 2015 in a nightclub in London.

The video was released on YouTube and Facebook on Thursday.

The advert then asks people to rate it, and when people do, it shows a countdown clock, saying, “We will see you again on the Bolton floor.”

It then says, “Now play Bolton and get on with it.”

A message that reads “We’re playing a Bolson commercial, this is a very good advert.” is followed by a clip of a woman playing the drums.

In the video, the woman is seen holding up the drum, which is used to play a song by the Bolts band, and saying, “”We’re all about being Bolton!””

We want everyone to know we’re all there, we love it, we all love it,” she is heard saying.

She then plays the drums in a similar way to a Bolt player playing a song.

The advert is believed to have originated from the Bolt group, which were originally formed in the 1960s and 1970s.

According to a tweet from Twitter user @SamanthaDee, the advert is one of more than 10,000 videos that have been uploaded on the video sharing platform since 2015.

A tweet from Facebook user @GabeDavies also shows the video.

The account is believed by some to have been created by the BBC, as the network’s Bolts broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2018 was called “Bolts.”

The BBC also appears to have used the term in an ad campaign for its new TV channel.


to the BBC’s Bolt News page, the BBC uses the term to describe the team’s commitment to the club and its culture.

Boltons website says it is “an independent, community-run, non-commercial entertainment channel with no advertising, sponsorships or political affiliations.”

It has a Facebook page and a YouTube channel.

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